Welcome to ReRoto! We provide the most simple, expansive, and cheap experience for newspaper management. We are the only newspaper management system that has open and free documentation. This documentation is designed to be easy for anyone to understand, especially those without technical knowledge.

What is ReRoto?

ReRoto is a newspaper management system. We cover every aspect of running a enterprise scale paper:


At its core, ReRoto provides an interface for editorial teams to ideate, collaborate, and organize content creation. From initial story pitches to final publication scheduling, this tool facilitates every stage. Editors can create editorial calendars, assign tasks to writers and journalists, set deadlines, and track progress seamlessly within the platform.

The system offers analytics and reporting, providing insights into content performance and audience engagement, empowering editorial decision-making. ReRoto serves as a centralized hub, optimizing planning and coordination efforts for a more productive editorial process.


ReRoto's interviewing process is designed for documentation and analysis. The system streamlines transcription by offering audio-to-text tools, ensuring accurate and searchable records of interviews. These transcriptions serve as the foundation for detailed notes, allowing users to annotate key points, highlight significant information, and add contextual insights.

Additionally, ReRoto enables easy organization and categorization of interview data, making it simple to retrieve specific sections or themes during analysis. Its collaborative features facilitate team collaboration by allowing multiple users to access, edit, and contribute to interview notes in real-time. ReRoto's interviewing process ensures meticulous documentation throughout the research and reporting phase.


ReRoto's writing features analyze grammar, simplify photo placement, integrate ChatGPT for dynamic content generation, and utilize algorithms to detect and mitigate biases. The integration with ChatGPT enhances creativity, while easy photo integration allows for visual storytelling. Grammar analysis tools assist in proofreading, ensuring coherent content.

ReRoto's bias detection algorithms flag sensitive language and potential stereotypes, prompting writers to consider alternative perspectives, fostering balanced, respectful content creation. The system offers a suite of tools that elevate the quality and impact of written material by aiding in content generation, editing, and ensuring a more polished product before the editing phase.





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